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Albums now on vinyl

Albums now on vinyl

“To buy a vinyl album, you have to have a record player and you have to have speakers, and this is a great thing because that means people are going to listen to your music not on a cell phone, but they’re going to listen to it out of a sound system. The important thing about vinyl releases is that people buy them and actually put them on the turntable and listen to a side, because we chose the tracks to be played in a particular order, and that was really important.”

– Dave Stewart

‘In The Garden’, ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)’, ‘Touch’, ‘Revenge’, ‘Savage’, ‘Be Yourself Tonight’, ‘We Too Are’ and ‘Peace’ have all been mastered from the original 1/2 inch tapes. Purchase them from Eurythmics Official Store now.

“They will sound better. In the archives, we have the original half-inch masters, which have a fantastic sound. That’s what we’re going from, not the digital remasters where the sound has been compressed.

– Dave Stewart on the Vinyl re-issues.